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Just like how you look your best when you wear a well-fitted cloth, you can lose oodles of weight in a healthy way and still look gorgeous, only with a tailor-made diet chart for you! However, you can definitely follow a few general dietary guidelines (especially while dining out) to maintain your healthy body weight. Here you go...

• Most people confuse thirst with hunger and end up eating more than the requirement. Keep yourself well hydrated. Drink plenty of liquids like water, coconut water, buttermilk, lime water especially before munching any junks.

• Be choosy about night time snacks after dinner. You need very less food before you sleep. Overeating will lead to weight gain.

• Enjoy your favorite foods. Never restrict yourself from your favorite foods. The key for your favorite foods is ‘moderation'.

• Eat six small meals in a day instead of three large meals. In this way, you will be able to control your appetite and weight in a very effective way.

• Include protein in every meal as it is more satisfying than carbs or fats. Do not forget, eating more proteins than your requirement will also add to your weight.

• Never skip your breakfast. Breakfast is your major meal for the day. Skipping breakfast leads to weight loss is a wrong notion which can only lead to overeating at the next meal.

• Include fibers like raw fruits and vegetables in every meal. It will not help you to lower your cholesterol levels, but also relieve your constipation and keeps you full for a longer time!

• Lose weight slowly. Weight loss supplements, weight loss surgeries are just a short cut for success. You may gain double the lost weight later!

• Weigh yourself once a week and keep a check on your weight so that you will not deviate from your goal.

• Get enough sleep so that production of hormones that control appetite (ghrelin and leptin) are regulated well and will help you avoid unnecessary snacking and binge eating.

• Understand portion sizes. If you cannot quantify what you eat, start measuring the food that you eat wit kitchen scales. Always remember to share your food with your partner, so that you will not overeat whenever you eat out. Use smaller plates and cups while you are eating your favorite junkie!

        You are what you eat! So watch out what you eat...


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Nice information!!

Nice Information!!