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Olive Oil for Indian Cooking

Olive Oil for Indian Cooking

Last evening I had the pleasure of sampling Indian food (north-west frontier cuisine, to be precise) made with olive oil. 

Nimish Bhatia, Executive Chef at Hotel Lalit Ashok, Bangalore, dished out some Indian delicacies at Baluchi for a group of invitees.  These dishes were made using only olive oil as the medium of fat - no butter, no ghee and no other oil. 

A kebab platter made with potatoes, channa, paneer (made with skimmed milk) and cauliflower were grilled using spices and olive oil. 

Mushrooms, bhindi, methi and dal were all cooked with the usual spices but olive oil replacing the regular oil. 

The dessert was an interesting dish made with apple roasted on a griddle with a drizzle of olive oil + spices (cinnamon, pepper and aniseed).

Try out these dishes and let us know if you like the taste of Indian food with olive oil. 

If you have cooked any Indian dishes with olive oil, do write to us with details, and we shall publish it on our website with your name.

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chapathi with olive oil

Nice information!!