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Benefits of working out in winters

Benefits of working out in winters

Is the cold weather putting a damper on your exercise schedule? It is tough to find the motivation when the temperatures drop down. You will feel like hanging up your exercise gear and going into hibernation. But hold onto it! Though it may seem tough, exercise could provide extra benefits in the winter. Here are some of the best reasons for you to exercise this winter.

  1. You will burn more calories.Your body will work harder to bring its core temperature to normal. This way you will be burning more calories while exercising in cold weather.

  2. You get to drink more water. After your exercise session, it is imperative that you hydrate yourself well to avoid the dangers associated with cold weather workouts. Though the body sweats after workout, the sweat gets evaporated quickly into the cold, dry air. This gives a false signal that the body is losing less water.

  3. You will avoid that cold.When everyone around you is feeling a bit under the weather- sneezing, coughing, and sniffing, you will be in the top of health. The UK National Health Service has found that exercising boosts your immune system, which improves your defenses against stomach bugs, colds, and other viruses.

  4. It will shake off your winter blues.As the days become darker and colder, people usually start getting moody. It has been proven that exercise releases endorphins (“feel-good” hormones) which help elevate your mood and is especially effective for people suffering from depression or Seasonal Affective Disorder.

  5. You can improve your cardiovascular strength.For a regular exercise junkie, who wants to build up on cardiovascular health, cold weather makes the heart work harder to distribute blood throughout the body.

  6. Add a rosy glow to your cheek.Exercising outdoors during winter season is invigorating, exciting, and energizing. You get to have a rosy glow on your cheek after an intense workout– which really adds the icing on the cake!

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