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49 Fitness-Tips-to-keep-you-warm-during-winter

Fitness Tips to keep you warm during winter

Fitness Tips to keep you warm during winter

With the temperatures plummeting this time of year, many of us tend to hibernate inside our homes. But, hibernating is for bears!!! It's important to stay active through all four seasons.

Just because it is cold outside doesn't make it open season for an excuse not to exercise. There are multiple exercise options one can choose to participate in regardless of what the outdoor thermumeter reads.

All that is required for Winter-time workouts is some planning and employing all safety precaution.

Specific & realistic goals:

Set specific and realistic goals for an exercise program .You can choose from activities such as aerobic dancing, weight training, jogging, swimming, tennis, treadmill running, bicycling, walking.

Get warm first:

Cold temperatures makes your muscles tight and therefore they are more prone to injuries. So, it's important to get them warmed-up prior to engaging in intense physical activity.

No sweat:

Some think you don't get an adequate workout in the cold because you don't sweat as much. The truth is your body burns more calories in the cold because your core body temperature rises to keep itself warm.


It's just as important to stay hydrated when exercising in winter as it is in summer, even though you might not feel as thirsty.

Be aware:

Be aware of post-exercise hypothermia. This is a result of the body reducing its production of heat while rapidly losing its existing heat stores. This can be avoided by adding clothing or quickly seeking a warm environment after completing your workout.

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