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Get in shape by breastfeeding your baby

Get in shape by breastfeeding your baby

Are you petrified with your weight gain post partum? The skin on the bump that was stretched for nine months needs almost the same time for it to revert to its original shape. The first two months are crucial after the child birth for the mother as she will be coping with the blood loss during delivery. From the third month, take your weight loss regime slow and steady; do not lose more than 0.5 kg per week. 

A healthy and easy way to shed that extra fat gained during pregnancy is by breast feeding your new born, as it takes 300-500 calories more than the requirement for the mum to produce milk! Studies say that weight loss is more effective in the second six months after delivery than during the first six months. The more frequent and longer you feed your baby better is the weight loss. Breastfeeding not only helps you to lose your extra weight, but also strengthens the bond between the mother and the child. To protect yourself from osteoporosis, breastfeed your child as the lost bone mass is restored after you wean the baby and it even halves the risk of fractures.

A few vulnerable mothers tend to pile more mass as they overeat to reduce the stress of being a new mum. Not to worry, here are a few handy tips to help you lose weight after delivery:

  • Do not go on a diet. You need a certain amount of calories for the normal functioning of your body along with breast feeding your baby.

  • Load up on "super foods" like fish, a good source of omega fatty acids, milk and yogurt as you need them for bone strengthening. Have a balanced meal which includes whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • Breast feed your baby to aid weight loss.

  • Move it! Balance your calorie intake with the output by continuing a good exercise regimen.

  • Get some good sleep of 6-7 hours as it will bring down your stress levels too.

  • Drink sufficient water to avoid getting dehydrated.

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