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How Smoking Affects Your Body

How Smoking Affects Your Body

Cigarette smoke is enormously harmful to your health. So, there really is no safe way to smoke. Replacing your cigarette with a cigar, pipe, or hookah won’t help you avoid the health risks associated with tobacco products. Read the damage it causes, you will stop.

  1. Circulation: When you smoke, the toxins from the cigarette smoke enter your blood. The toxins in your blood then make your blood thicker, and increase the chances of clot formation, increase your blood pressure and heart rate, make your heart work harder than normal, narrow your arteries, and reduce the amount of oxygen-rich blood circulating to your organs.

  2. Heart: Carbon monoxide from the smoke and nicotine both put a strain on the heart by making it work faster. They also increase your risk of blood clots. Other chemicals in cigarette smoke damage the lining of your coronary arteries, leading to furring of the arteries.

  3. Lungs: Cough, cold, wheezing, and asthma are just the start. Smoking can cause fatal diseases such as pneumonia, emphysema, and lung cancer. Smoking causes 84% of deaths from lung cancer and 83% of deaths from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

  4. Brain: Smoking can increase your risk of a stroke by increasing your chances of developing a brain aneurysm. This is a bulge in a blood vessel caused by a weakness in the blood vessel wall. This can rupture or burst which will lead to an extremely serious condition known as a subarachnoid haemorrhage, which is a type of stroke, that can cause extensive brain damage and death.

  5. Mouth & Throat: Smoking causes unattractive problems such as bad breath and stained teeth, can also cause gum disease, and damage your sense of taste. The most serious damage smoking causes in your mouth and throat is an increased risk of cancer of the lips, tongue, throat, voice box, and gullet (esophagus).

  6. Skin: Smoking reduces the amount of oxygen that gets to your skin. This means that if you smoke, your skin ages more quickly and looks grey and dull. The toxins in your body also give rise to cellulite.

  7. Reproduction & Fertility: Smoking can cause male impotence, as it damages the blood vessels that supply blood to the penis. It can also damage sperm, reduce sperm count, and cause testicular cancer. For women, smoking can reduce fertility. Smoking also increases the risk of cervical cancer.

  8. Bones: Smoking can cause the bones to become weak and brittle. Women need to be especially careful as they are more likely to suffer from brittle bones (osteoporosis) than non-smokers.

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