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486 Migraine-Triggers

Migraine Triggers

Migraine Triggers

Many of you might have experienced a migraine headache sometime in their life. This type of headache is characterized by moderate to severe pain which usually occurs on one side of the head. It is often accompanied by nausea and/ or vomiting. 

Given below is a list of migraine triggers. Some of these triggers are still controversial but all the same do affect a few people. If you are a victim of migraine headaches, you could try eliminating these triggers one at a time and find out what brings on your migraine. 

Or if there's a migraine trigger not listed here, do write about it so that other migraine sufferers can benefit from your experience.

Migraine Triggers –

  1. Hot weather

  2. Loud Noise

  3. Bright light or sun

  4. Strong perfumes

  5. Tight hair clips or accessories

  6. Vigorous exercise

  7. Poor posture

  8. Cheese

  9. Red wine

  10. Cold cuts

  11. Monosodium glutamate (MSG)

  12. Nuts or peanut butter

  13. Citrus fruits

  14. Pickled foods

  15. Caffeine (coffee or chocolate)

  16. Skipping meals

  17. Smoking

  18. Emotional stress

  19. Change in sleep pattern

  20. Long exposure to light from television, video or computer screen

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