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696 Ways-To-Overcome-Exercise-Barriers-Part-2

Ways To Overcome Exercise Barriers - Part 2

Ways To Overcome Exercise Barriers - Part 2

Last week, I wrote about 4 common barriers to exercise and a few solutions to overcome them. Here are some more...

Barrier - I don't have a good body shape and I'm conscious of how I look when I exercise. 

Solutions -

  • There is no 'perfect' body, so don't look for one. Do not compare your body with the other person. Each person is unique and different.

  • Start working out solo till you get used to exercise. As you become healthier, your self-confidence also might improve.

  • Be grateful for what you have and work towards better health, not better shape.

Barrier - I used to exercise some years ago and I lost weight. But when I stopped exercising I put on weight. I don't want to go through that process again.

Solutions -

  • Exercise is not only for weight loss but overall health as well. So, don't exercise with only weight loss as your goal.

  • Start slowly and gradually increase time and pace.

  • Keep at it regularly till it becomes a habit which is hard to break.

Barrier - I cannot afford gym membership or expensive equipment.

Solutions -

  • Go for a walk in your area or a nearby park, or practice yoga (needs no equipment other than a mat), or use basic household gadgets for strength training, or climb up and down the stairs many times.

  • There are several exercise programs on television and internet. Try to follow one of them.

  • Do household work (sweep, mop, dust, wash dishes, etc.); it's an excellent way to exercise.

Barrier - Weather is not suitable and I get an allergy in the morning.

Solutions -

  • If the weather is not conducive to outdoor exercise, do it indoors. Play an indoor game, walk in an enclosed area, visit the gym or do yogasana.

  • Meet an allergy specialist and get the problem treated so that it doesn't hinder your exercise.

  • If you have to go out in bad weather, dress suitably to protect you from falling ill.

All individuals who are less than 90 years of age OR are not bed-ridden need to be physically active. So get up and move!

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