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Woman! Take a Look at Yourself!

Woman! Take a Look at Yourself!

In every family, women assume the role of a ‘caretaker of health’. It's a bit surprising that they would be compromising on their own health on a daily basis. Every woman indulging in any of these habits would be totally unaware of it. So figure it out and make an effort to break it. Here are some habits women can change for good...

  1. Going to bed in make up: Most of us end up sleeping with party make up at some times. Leaving make up on overnight is a quick route to clogged pores, congested skin and spots. Eye makeup if not removed for a long time can cause eye irritation, blood shot eyes and even irritation.

  2. Finishing the kid's meal: It's a very common habit of mothers. In an attempt to reduce food wastage, mothers tend to finish up their kid's plate at the end of the meal. This can end up in unnecessary addition of calories. Most women find it hard to get over this habit and hence, complain of a diet not working!

  3. Carrying a heavy hand bag: With rising usage in the number of accessories and gadgets, most of us have to carry around several kilos of weight every day. This can cause neck pain, back problems and bad posture. Avoid this and do your health a favor. Cut down on the non essential things and switch to a small and comfortable hand bag.

  4. Indulging in crash diets: With the obsession to lose weight fast, women of all age groups find an easy way out with crash diets picked up from magazines, internet and the newspaper. Not only does it cause fluctuations in your weight, but also leads to nutrient deficiencies and other serious medical conditions once you get off the diet.

  5. Wearing a wrong bra size: Wearing a wrong size bra can cause neck pain, back pain, poor blood circulation and even irritable bowel syndrome. Using the right kind of bra can give you a great shape and make your clothes fit a lot better and make you feel comfortable. So make sure you measure yourself to get the right size bra the next time.

  6. Avoiding weight training in Gyms: Many women believe that weight training exercises will lead them to muscle building like men. But the fact is, estrogen hormone in the female body will not lead to muscle bulking, instead it will help to burn the fat, strengthen muscles, bones and keep you away from diseases like osteoporosis and diabetes.

  7. Not sleeping enough: Lack of sleep can make you feel sick and incompetent to handle with daily chores too. A study has found out that women are likely to give up sleep as they dedicate more time in caring about family members or other priorities. Less sleep affects your blood pressure, mood and your overall productivity. So make sure you do your best to get sufficient sound sleep.

  8. Putting yourself last: Women not only compromise on sleep to take care of their children and other family members, but they also tend to let go of their needs and wants many a times. To avoid being over loaded, learn to say no to those requests and commitments that are less essential. Do your best to set aside some time exclusively for you every week to do something enjoyable just for you.

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