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5 essentials to a quick baby-bump!!

5 essentials to a quick baby-bump!!

Getting pregnant isn't as easy as tossing out your contraceptive! Read on for those five magic tips!

Figure out when you ovulate: One of the best ways to predict the time of your ovulation is by watching your body for signs. If your cycles are not regular (or even if they are), an ovulation kit can help you pinpoint your most fertile time.

Watch Your Alcohol Intake: Stay away from smoke, alcohol or drug usage if you are planning to have a baby. Also tell your partner to follow the same as the above addictions can reduce your chances of conception.

Know your family history: It is safe to know your family history before going for preconception tests. Take necessary precautions if there is a family history of any chromosal disorders, genetic defects or mental retardation.

Preconception tests: Schedule a preconception exam which consists of a pelvic scan, Pap smear and other required examinations to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases. Also take your dose of folic acid and iron as they are essential for a safe pregnancy.

Get cozy: Sexual - indulgence is a must! Experts believe that a busy work schedule coupled with sex only on weekends is one of the factors that delay conception. So, take time out to spend some quality time with your partner and get intimate.

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