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5 Myths You Should Know About Hygiene

5 Myths You Should Know About Hygiene

Lately, people have started taking hygiene too seriously. Some people are so serious that they end up taking 2 showers on a daily basis. People have actually turned into hygiene-obsessed machines, unaware of the simple things about cleanliness. Below are a few examples of common exaggerated hygiene misconceptions.

Using Soap to Kill Germs

Even though we believe that soap has the magical power to destroy bacteria and germs on our hands, that's not specifically what it's doing. Regular soap just picks bacteria off the skin's surface and flushes it out along with water. Unless you're using an anti-bacterial soap, you're not killing bacteria at all; you're simply moving them from one place to another place.

Wash Your Hair daily

You may be washing your hair daily; however, it is not essential to wash it daily. Shampoos and soap remove natural sebum from your hair. So in fact, shampooing daily may leave your hair dry and brittle. The secret is finding a balance - don't shampoo all the time, however don't drop it altogether either.

Public bathrooms are too gross

OK, they may be comparatively dirty; however, getting infections in these bathrooms is rare. In order to contract an STD, viral hepatitis, E. coli infection or any other infection from a bathroom seat, contact with it is necessary. These bacteria solely survive on the surface of the seat for a restricted time, thus it's not possible that they'll cause infections all the time.

Your Sweat Is what's creating body odor

This is not true! Sweat is largely made up of water and is odorless. The bacteria on the skin along with the sweat produces body odor.

Sanitizers can kill ALL the Germs

According to studies, antibacterial agents like sanitizers are not as good as they claim to be.

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