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Are You thinking of Bariatric Surgery?

Are You thinking of Bariatric Surgery?

Obesity has become a serious health problem in children. The reasons are several, one such important being, hereditary. If one of the parents happens to be obese, then there is a 50% chance that the child may be obese too. The chance doubles to a 100% if both the parents are obese. However, one's lifestyle, eating habits and environment are also strong factors that decide childhood obesity.

This has many health problems associated with it. In children, obesity can result in psychosocial problems that can affect the child to an extent that it changes the child's behavior. The problem of obesity can cause him embarrassment and criticism from his peers. This can affect his involvement in sports and physical activity. He begins to think of himself as being unfit and this can affect his self image, confidence, self esteem and his overall performance in school. An obese child has an increased risk to develop heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension, gout and arthritis in the future. Is it worth it?

As parents, what can you do to help your child? Parents and family members should be great motivators for such children. Dealing with obesity has several approaches and if you have tested all the weight loss methods and nothing has given good results; your child may have to go in for surgery. Now the question is "Is bariatric surgery possible for your child?"

There are several points to consider before you start thinking of this as an option for your child. First off, this kind of a surgery is chosen based on if there is a real need for it. It can be done only in the adolescent years of your child and not earlier. This decision depends on your doctor. A surgeon may take the help of a physician to keep your child ready for his/her surgery. An adolescent body still changes and develops hence; one has to be careful to get all of the nutrients and vitamins their body needs. It is important for you as a parent to ask your doctor everything you need to know about bariatric surgeries.


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