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Balancing Work and the Family

Balancing Work and the Family

A stressful day at work followed by a list of tasks & demands when you get home - not a rare situation, is it? When your partner is looking for backup and your children want your attention, in between a project deadline at work, it isn't easy!

A big 'head and heart' shift is what you need when it comes to 'work and home'. When you're busy, stressed or stretched to the limit, you can easily slip into taking care of your child as just another job or responsibility - this may even happen without your knowledge. It might help to take a different stance and think how wonderful it is to have a child to come home to and share the world with.

There is no universal formula for good parenting. You, your situation and your relationship with your child are unique. You need to take into account your energy level, personality and parenting style, as well as your child's needs. With realistic expectations, you are likely to find ways to create a good balance that works in the long term for you and for your child.

As a parent, you may have wondered how to handle your child's temper tantrums, eating habits, concentration with studies, perhaps his or her communication with you and so on. If you would like to get the right kind of support and advice for you and your child, go ahead and speak to the Step Up To Life expert counselor through the online expert section.


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