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Infertility - Know About It!

Infertility - Know About It!

Infertility refers to the biological inability of a person to contribute to conception. Infertility may be caused due to many factors and it differs for men and women. It can either exist in one of the partners or in both of them. Risk factors of infertility depend upon age as the main factor, smoking, alcohol, obesity, metabolic syndrome, infections, and mental stress.

The cause of infertility in women includes ovulation disorders such as PCOD, thyroid imbalance, hormonal changes, premature ovarian failure and problems in the uterus or the fallopian tubes.

The cause of infertility in men depends on sperm count, sperm mobility, sperm shape etc which might be caused due to testicular infection, Hypogonadism or genetic abnormality can also be its reasons.

Other than these known reasons, there are many unknown ones that still need research. The causes of infertility are often treatable with proper medication, nutrition and lifestyle modification.