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The Right Start To Fitness

The Right Start To Fitness

Are you getting ready to start a fitness regime to be in shape? Here are a few tips...

• Warming up your muscles is always important before any kind of exercise. A few ways to do so are walking, stationary cycling or even a hot shower. Make sure you warm up at least for 10 minutes. Flexibility exercises are to be done first. Starting from one end of the body, for example, from the head working towards your feet or vice versa would be advantageous. Hold your stretch at least for 10 seconds and don't bounce.

• Breathing is important. In a sit up, breathe out to a count of 2 and breathe in to a count of 4 as you go back to your resting position.

• When you work on a muscle which has a right and a left side, it is wise to switch sides each time than doing all repetitions on onside and then switching on to the other.

• Muscle strengthening exercises can be done by lowering the load and increasing the number of repetitions.

• Most of us spend more time bending forward, instead, get a little extension. Arc your back for a few seconds before you lift or sit. If you can't lie down, sit up, put your hands on your hips (thumbs on your back) and extend.

• Wear proper walking or running shoes that are comfortable.


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