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Travelling With Your Baby!

Travelling With Your Baby!

Does your face frown when you think of travelling with your little one? Here are some tips in planning and preparation, which can turn you and your baby into a jet-setter. Bon voyage!

• Take the right mode of travel for reaching the destination.

• Booking your flight during your baby's nap time can make for an easier trip. Try to get a window seat, so you will have the privacy for feeding when you need to.

• Make sure you carry enough diapers, clothes, and baby wipes with you. You don't want to be running short of them if your flight/train is delayed!

• Make sure the diapers are easily accessible. . Keep a few diapers handy in your carry bag if you wish.

• Feed the baby before you leave from home. Hungry babies tend to be fussier during the journey.

• Avoid packing too many toys for your baby. A few favorite toys of theirs would keep them occupied during the journey.

• Make sure you and your baby are comfortably dressed.

• Avoid travelling if your baby is not doing well for the day.

• Make your travelling experience better by limiting the number of items you carry which can be done by well planned packing.

• If you are planning your journey by car, make sure you plan your journey with plenty of stops for feeding and nappy changes. Give your baby a brief walk, or relief from being in the baby seat.

• Use a baby carrier and a backpack to limit how much you need to carry by hand. This will make it much easier for you to relax and get comfortable during your travel.

• Carry a first aid kit and medications your baby might need.

• Your child could get cranky, so do your best to keep a routine to go with the flow.

• Be prepared to entertain your baby with music or singing.

• If you are travelling alone with your baby, don't hesitate to ask for help or assistance.

• Avoid travelling with your baby if they are less than 2 weeks old. Get your doctor's opinion if you have any doubts about a journey with your kid.



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