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1470 Go-Unburden

Go, Unburden.

Go, Unburden.

Rift with your partner? Boss on your case? It's time you learnt to respond rather than react. Get some counselling, de-stress and start living again.

Immediate Stressbusters

  • Leave the room It's okay to be an escapist. So, when you feel the anger building up inside, get up and excuse yourself. Step out. Breathe in. Get a coffee. Walk back in.

  • Reach for water Just before you want to kill someone, pour yourself a glass of water. Drink it. Then respond.

  • Do a quick posture check Hold your head and shoulders upright and avoid slumping.

  • Bad posture can lead to muscle tension, pain and stress. It will take a few seconds to do that, divert your attention and make you see the situation in a different light.

  • Develop a sense of humour It won't happen overnight but learning to laugh away minor irritants and upsets can help.

  • Listen to Music, It will make your level of stress fall, hence making reaction and impact time duller.

  • Reward yourself after a stressfull day by taking a relaxing bath or reading a good book.

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